A woman is wearing a baby rucksack style
Author and imp 1

I’m a stay at home mother. I often find that I’ve spent the majority of my day communicating mostly with my newborn, my toddler, and my husband. They’re all superstars, but it’s nice to have some outside communication. I spent so many nighttime hours breastfeeding and reading all these rockstar women’s blogs or watching their stories, so this is my meager attempt at joining that community.

I’m a 35 year old mother of two imps. Imp number 1, “Du”, is a little over two years old and imp number 2, “Mimi”, is currently 2 months old. Mimi doesn’t do much yet, but Du is pretty much my inspiration for everything. We should all aspire to live life with the joy, confidence, fashion sense and curiosity of a toddler.

I’m also married to their father, who alternates between being the calming rock of the family to driving me crazy for behaving like a teenager.

Those are my Mumkels and I do my best to keep them fed and happy and to send them out into this world with as little childhood trauma as possible.