Milk stories pt. I

I’ve been breastfeeding for 26 months (phew!) and I am currently (not right this moment, just in general) tandem-feeding the imps. Throughout all this time and the many litres of milk that I have produced and fed to my kids I’ve never really had an issue breastfeeding in public.

I never used a breastfeeding cover and I think it was my brother who once commented that he never expected to see my boobs so much or so frequently. I can honestly say that neither did I.

And then a couple of weeks ago I walked into a meeting with my sleeping two-month old strapped to me. An hour into the meeting he woke up and wanted to eat (duh, he always wants to eat). My meeting was with three men in their 60s, 70s and 80s. One used to be head of a bank, one is a political advisor, one founded and ran a large company. Not one of them remarked on me breastfeeding, not one of them gave me a weird look. Maybe it was precisely this polite ignoring of the fussy and then feeding baby. Or maybe it was simply the sheer amount of quintessential straight white men-ness. But for the first time in these 26 months I felt incredibly self-conscious and so thankful for having figured out how to feed imp 2 in his carrier, months before I had it figured out with imp 1.

I think all of us in the room felt a bit uncomfortable. Everyone apart from the imp, and he’s really the only one whose opinion mattered. And that’s probably exactly the lesson I should take from this experience.

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