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Yesterday was the first time I had to pack a suitcase for two kids and myself. My goal was to fit all our clothes into one carry on suitcase, as I am practising for a month long trip this summer. Spoiler: I managed!

Here are the stats:
Who: A 35-year-old, a 2-year-old imp and a 10-week-old imp.
Trip duration: 2 weeks
Where: An island in the North Sea, in the North of Germany
Available there: washer/dryer, books, toys, towels and bed linens

Let’s start with the two-year-old, shall we?
I find it fairly easy to pack for her, as she doesn’t get cold that quickly and when given the option prefers to wear fewer rather than more clothes. She is also skinny enough to fit into her little brother’s trousers (bizarre, right?).

Disclaimer: I still need to work on my folding and photographing skills.

So here’s what I packed for her: three woollen leg warmers, a pair of leather slippers, a rain overall, a hat (I later removed that and packed one of these instead), a hoodie, 6 underpants and swimming trunks, a pyjama onesie from my youth, a woollen hoodie, three wool/silk shirts and two cotton shirts, a Kashmir jumper she inherited from my grandmother and which she uses as a dress, two wool leggings, two cotton trousers and one pair of wool trousers (she’s out of nappies during the day, but one gets distracted…).

Three pairs of underpants
New Emil&Gustav undies

She was wearing cotton trousers, boiled wool trousers, a wool/silk and a cotton shirt, another jumper, socks and her shoes.

I found imp 2 a bit more difficult. Here’s what I went for:

For imp 2 I packed two onesie pyjamas, four wool/silk bodies, one cardigan and one wool jumper (the same his sister was wearing, but in smaller), two pair of cotton trousers with feet, three woollen trousers, two pairs of socks and one pair of leg warmers, two cotton shirts, a mobile and a nearly full packet of wet wipes (we only use these on holiday, usually, and we’ve been using this pack since his birth).

He was wearing a wool/silk body, a cotton body, trousers with feet, woollen socks, a jumper and a hat.
He doesn’t own an overall, because we never needed one for his sister, it’s getting warmer already, and I baby-wear him underneath my coat.

I found toiletries to be the most challenging and while I think I may not have packed enough clothes, I definitely took too many toiletries.

A collection of toiletry items.

For the kids I packed a new toothbrush and tooth gel for imp 1, sunscreen, soap, and a hand-mixed rash cream from a pharmacy in Berlin.
For me I packed a toothbrush, toothpaste, a day cream, night cream, hand cream, deodorant, and floss. And a hairbrush, which isn’t pictured.
And a small bottle of washing liquid for woollen clothes.

I obviously forgot to take a picture of my clothes, but I think I packed this:
Five breastfeeding tops, a sweater and a cardigan, a pair of woollen socks, two pairs of leggings, one pair of pants, a linen skirt, five underpants, two pairs of socks.
I was wearing a breastfeeding top, leggings and trousers, a jumper, my shoes, a baby-wearing coat.

A suitcase standing in front of a wardrobe.
The finished suitcase.

Let’s be clear that the suitcase contains just the clothes and toiletries, as well as the mobile. I also packed two packs of diapers, five spit cloths, a book and a board game for imp 1, and a changing pad, as well as a backpack with odds and ends (hair bands, a spare pair of socks, a few books for me, my e-reader, my laptop, stainless steel water bottles and a stainless steel snack box) and a lamb skin yoga mat.

And obviously three baby carriers. This one, and one of these, and one of these.

And there we go, after just four short hours I was done packing the suitcase. Now I hope it will be enough for the holiday or that I will be able to make the necessary adjustments for the next trip.
Though honestly the most important adjustment is to keep husband from packing too many gadgets,

Too little? Too much? Let me know.

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