Six months of Du and Mimi

Two months of travelling and BOOM, suddenly imp 2 is turning six months already. I’ll try to write a recap of our travels, but the short version is: one month in a VW bus, one on a German island. And imp 2 slept through pretty much all of it. It seems fitting that we’re ending our little tour with a half birthday.

Imp 2, Mimi, has adjusted well to being a part of our family. He’s completely accepted by his big sister, who today for the first time introduced him to strangers as her brother. It truly is funny how the thought of suddenly having tow kids seemed so daunting just six months ago and now we can’t imagine going back to being a family of three.

Since the last recap, imp 1, Du, has hit two important milestones: she has started to parrot more words and adds new ones to her vocabulary every day, and she has stopped napping. I miss nap time dearly, but I hold out hope that it will return once we are back in the big city and don’t spend all day chasing pheasants around the dunes.
She is still just the funniest and most amazing little creature and we are having a blast with her. She has started pretend-playing and playing hide and seek and she keeps coming up with these little characters. One moment she’s a lion and then she’s a dog and then my sister has to pretend to be a dog and she’ll make her do all sorts of dog tricks and will scold her or praise her (although we’re trying not to use praise with her). Her hair is always a mess and quite often covered with a layer of food and sand and sunscreen and she still loves running around naked, but mostly she enjoys going barefoot. Unless she stepped into something prickly, in which case she will insist on wearing a shoe just on that foot. She’s a scavenger and will constantly pick and eat a rose hip here and an apricot there, so we have to be careful when we pass mushrooms.

When she skips a nap she goes to bed pretty easily, often a cuddle will be enough. And she sleeps through the night every now and then, though she will ask for us in her sleep. She still wants to be breastfed, mostly at night, but sometimes she’ll forget she asked and sometimes she’ll drink during the day as well. She loves riding her little balance bicycle and running, which she does with exaggerated arm movements, she loves swimming with her dad, but is rather sceptical of the sea. But she loves the beach and digging holes (she’s a kid, duh) and she loves watching fish and when I catch a crab for her.
She carries her doll around everywhere and breastfeeds her or puts her in a sling, but she’ll just as easily forget her and remember her two days later. She still loves reading, by herself or with us, and she’s into lego.

What can I say? She’s just the best.

Imp 2 continues to be the smiliest little baby ever. Except he’s not little, he’s huge and he may outgrow us all in the near future. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga this past month and it’s only after getting to know imp 2 that I truly understand the Happy Baby asana. It’s his default position and he will coo and laugh at his feet and suck his big toes with gusto. He prefers his right toe, but he’ll make do with his left one. He has the cutest, chubbiest little legs and arms and he looks a bit ridiculous when naked because despite sunscreen and shade his hands and face are ten shades darker than the rest of his body. He likes folding his fingers like a mafia boss and he cannot sit still. Well, he can’t really sit yet, but that’s his prefered positions. I try to make sure that he’s supported enough and not really sitting, but he’s like one of those roly-poly dolls. When he’s not asleep he is kicking his legs with an incredible force and he hit a dent into the dining table with his wooden teether.
He only really started rolling from his stomach to his back and the other way around in the past couple of weeks, and he’s still in the stage where after each turn he doesn’t seem sure if he did this or if it was done to him. He’s started trying to get onto all fours in the past two days, though yesterday may have been a bit coaxed, as he was lying on the beach and the tide was coming in and wetting his stomach (completely supervised, of course).

He has travelled to (or through) seven countries in the past two months and probably spit up in all of them and he swam in the North Sea. He had a dog step in his face and got his revenge by pulling out a fistful of his hair and he is obsessed with the neon-pink band on my sister’s pyjama pants. He’s chewed on a piece of cucumber, a watermelon, a bit of bread and some mint and some parsley. Watermelon and mint seem to have been the winners, although he’s also partial to the odd handful of sand here and there.
A month ago he kept shrieking as if he were hoping to turn into a police whistle, then he began imitating his father’s dry cough. When he’s not giggling, of course.
He’s always sweaty, but it’s summer, so it would be unfair to judge him for that. He continues to look great in yellow and in blue and in woollen hats. His hair may be turning blonde, but it’s hard to tell. He sleeps quite well and he has taken rather well to being pottied. He loves baths and showers and we’re looking forward to his first swimming classes. Also to massages, because dude really is getting heavy.

That’s just a little summary of Du and Mimi, there’s obviously so much more to them. I’m just trying to write a few things down so I don’t forget how precious these times are.

Happy half-birthday, Mimi, it’s been fantastic.

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