A toddler in a woollen hat and a fisherman's shirt, holding a plastic bottle, looking at the sea, the beach and a dog.

Two weeks on Spiekeroog and they just flew by. Quite literally, for Spiekeroog is an island in the North Sea and tends to be pretty windy. Apart from the occasional wind gust we had phenomenal weather though, so much so that I even had a touch of sunburn once or twice (and yes, I used sunscreen, but sun and wind is tricky).

A toddler standing in the dunes.
Imp 1 in the dunes

Spiekeroog is great with small kids. If you can afford it, because damn, it’s expensive! We are lucky and have a place to stay, so for us the spending was limited to groceries, but even that can be quite hefty. Everything needs to be brought there by ferry, so that adds a cent or two to every item. Anyway…

A toddler standing on a stone on a deserted beach. Surrounded by three adults.
On the beach

We basically did nothing for two weeks and yet it felt like we were busy all the time. It’s just a completely different kind of busy.
It means getting to the beach in time for high tide.
Baking waffles.
Taking a one-hour walk every morning to get bread rolls (technically it’s a 15-minute walk, but toddlers are slooow).
Chasing ants.
Feeding the wild pheasants.
Trying to see rabbits or deer.
A spot of gardening.
Sorting through old books.
You get my drift.

A toddler watching a pheasant
Watching a pheasant

Technically, there aren’t any cars on the island. There are a lot more cars than there were in my youth, what with fire trucks and ambulances – but the police man still rides a bike. And yes, I wrote it in singular on purpose, there’s only one police man.
This means, that a toddler can just toddle out of the house and wander onto the street and she’ll stand in a forest or on a dune within mere minutes. No need for stressed parents or shoes. Imp 1 made full use of that. Imp 2 basically slept through his entire holiday, so he doesn’t know he ever went to an island.

A toddler, carrying a plastic bag with dog poop, walking in the dunes
A walk in the dunes

We’ll be going to Spiekeroog a lot in the future, so I’ll leave it at this short recap, a few show-off pictures and my review of my packing list.
I had packed enough stuff and could have probably even left a few things at home. I didn’t need about 30% of Imp 2’s clothes, I didn’t need my second pair of leggings, Imp 1 would have happily just gone without trousers every day, but I’d say that we only had maybe 2 too much. I could have also left my deodorant at home, because it sucks and I never put night crème, so that was useless.

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